TechSuite: The Ultimate Computer Repair Toolkit

TechSuite is a comprehensive repair toolkit that allows you to automate and streamline your repair process, so you can stay focused on growing your business.

Upgrade Your Business

Leverage automation to handle more volume and grow your business.

Decrease Turn-Around Time

Get organized, be more efficient, and get your repairs done faster.

Track Your Repairs

Know exactly what happened on each repair with detailed reports that you can give to your clients.


"I used to spend so much time running individual tools one-by-one. I've literally cut my turn-around time in half by automating nearly all of my repairs."

Chris Taylor - Lead Technician at SaboIT Services

Use TechSuite to revolutionize your repair process

Leverage automation to handle more volume, understand the status of repairs with detailed reports, and consolidate your toolkit so you can drastically improve your repair process.


Simply select your tools and click run. Each tool will run sequentially and automatically. No monitoring required.

Detailed Reporting

TechSuite creates detailed reports so you can know the status of each repair, stay organized, and have an itemized document to give to your clients.

All-In-One Toolkit

Run over 350 of your favorite repair utilities from one user interface, keep them updated, and add your own.


If you use a CRM or RMM, we have integrations with RepairShopr, MHelpdesk, Autotask, and more, so you can further unify the tools in your shop.

Your Branding

Add your logo and branding to TechSuite. Make the tools totally yours.

Custom Configurations

Build custom queues and save them for repeated use. Ensure your repairs are thorough and consistent every time.

Computers Repaired with TechSuite
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